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The Beaver Seaplane - Exotic/Tropical

The Beaver Seaplane - Exotic/Tropical

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Product Description

Country: Peru
Region: Huabal
Process: Washed
Variety:Castillo & Caturra
Elevation: 1,800 meters
Cupping Notes: Bright and Vibrant. Apricot / Berries / Floral / Green Apple / Melon / Strawberry Jam
Roast Level: City (Light)

Note: Tasting notes change by season

Introducing The Seaplane from Peru:

A Journey to Peruvian ParadiseLadies and gentlemen, get ready to board the Seaplane variant of our coffee collection, as we take you on an extraordinary adventure through the history, flavors, and tantalizing tasting notes of Peru. Just like the seaplanes of the past that connected remote regions, The Seaplane serves as a bridge, uniting the remarkable story of Peru's coffee production with your cup of aromatic delight.Peru, a country steeped in history and brimming with beauty, has captivated our hearts. It is a land where the cultivation of coffee doesn't simply happen because the conditions are ripe; rather, it intertwines with the country's culture, governmental factors, and the collective support that shapes the trajectory of coffee production.In the turbulent 1900s, Peru faced political instability, which, coupled with guerrilla activity and coca production, posed challenges to coffee production. However, as the 2000s approached, the tides began to turn. The rise of ethical coffees and the establishment of "solidarity" networks like Fair Trade and eco-friendly practices brought about a reversal. Today, Peru is the world's largest exporter of organic coffees, with Fair Trade and Organic varieties comprising a significant portion of its annual production.Our selection, El Paraíso, hails from the Huabal district within the Jaén province of Cajamarca, located in the far north of Peru. This village, aptly named "Paradise," sits atop a small mountain, offering breathtaking vistas in every direction. The dedicated producers of El Paraíso predominantly cultivate Caturra, Bourbon, and Catimor coffee varieties, which are thoughtfully planted together. They process and wash their own coffee at their small micro mills, showcasing their commitment to quality.When you savor The Seaplane, prepare for an indulgent experience. The tasting notes of this coffee take you on a journey through bright, vibrant flavors that dance on your palate. Imagine the invigorating burst of chocolate and the smooth, buttery richness enveloping your senses. Each sip is a symphony of delightful sensations that showcase the exceptional craftsmanship of the producers in El Paraíso.Despite ideal conditions and immense potential for high-quality coffee, the producers of El Paraíso face ongoing challenges. Intermediaries, known as "coyotes," often offer farmers significantly less than the true value of their specialty-grade coffee, undermining their potential earnings. By purchasing The Seaplane, you support our partners at Falcon Coffee in their fight against such practices, empowering them to instill a more hopeful and long-term vision for the producers of El Paraíso. This partnership translates into better farm management, meticulous pruning, and a focus on soil health—elements that enable the producers to unlock their coffee's extraordinary potential.So, ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts and prepare to embark on an unparalleled journey. With each sip of The Seaplane, you'll be transported to the captivating landscapes of Peru, soaring above picturesque beaches on a seaplane, all while delighting in the bright, vibrant, chocolate, and buttery notes that define this remarkable coffee. The Seaplane is your co-pilot, keeping you alert and focused, while the flavors unfold like the glassy ocean beneath. Join us in celebrating the resilient spirit of the coffee farmers, the historical significance of seaplanes, and the unparalleled taste of Peru with The Seaplane. Buckle up for a flavor adventure that will redefine your coffee experience and leave you yearning for more.