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Where aviation passion flirts shamelessly with the seduction of coffee roasting. A Premier, Air-Roasted, Small-Batch, Single-Origin, Specialty-Grade, Direct Trade, with a promise of Never Bitter, Always Better, Boujee Coffee – Join this caffeinated joyride and let's elevate your coffee experience to new altitudes, because life's too short for bitter dumpster fire brews!

Legendary Aviation Specialty Coffee, Beaver Seaplane, Peru, Front, Rockwall Coffee

Legendary Aviation Coffee Company

The Beaver Seaplane - Exotic/Tropically (City Roast)

When you savor The Beaver Seaplane, prepare for an indulgent experience. The tasting notes of this coffee take you on a journey through bright, vibrant flavors that dance on your palate. Imagine the invigorating burst of apricot and the smooth melony richness enveloping your senses, with hints of tropical floral and fruit notes, ending with a strawberry like jam. Each sip is a symphony of delightful sensations that showcases the exceptional craftsmanship of the producers in El Paraíso Peru.

Roast: City (Light)

Tasting Notes: Apricot / Berries / Tropical / Green Apple / Melon / Strawberry Jam

Price: $19.99

Our Lightest Roast Here
Legendary Aviation Specialty Coffee, Almighty Huey, Front, Rockwall Coffee

Legendary Aviation Coffee Company

The ALMIGHTY Huey - Well Rounded (City to City+)

Embark on this thrilling taste adventure with Huey Inspired Coffee, and let the flavors take you on a journey through time and aviation history. Experience the smooth notes of cinnamon, the sweet embrace of lemon candy, and the crispness of apple in every sip. It's a sensory delight that celebrates both extraordinary coffee and the remarkable aircraft that captured the hearts of aviators worldwide.

Roast: City to City Plus (Light to Medium)

Tasting Notes: Cinnamon Sticks / Sweet Lemon Candy / Crisp Apple

Price $19.99

Light to Medium Here
Legendary Aviation Coffee, Colombia, Cub, Local, Rockwall, Coffee, Air-Roasted, Specialty Coffee, Texas

Legendary Aviation Coffee Company

The Colombian Cub (Limited Run)

Embark on a journey of exquisite flavors with our exclusive Colombian Cub, the final batch sourced from the illustrious microlot nestled in the vibrant Dilver Rivera region of Colombia. Crafted with precision and care, we present only 200 pounds of this exceptional coffee, each pound ready to be roasted to perfection, tailored specifically for your palate.

Roast: City to City Plus (Light leaning Medium)

Tasting Notes: Passionfruit / Hibiscus / Honey

Light to Medium
Legendary Aviation Specialty Coffee, Mooney Anomaly, Ethiopia Front, Rockwall Coffee, Local, Texas

Legendary Aviation Coffee Company

The Mooney Anomaly (City Roast)

Introducing Legendary Aviation Coffee with the one and only MOONEY ANOMALY! This collaboration pays tribute to the extraordinary flavors of Ethiopian coffee sourced exclusively from the Banko Taratu region of the Yirgacheffe variant. With tasting notes reminiscent of blueberry, strawberry, white flower, and lime, each cup offers a journey through the diverse landscape of flavors found in this single-origin gem.  Independently graded at 88.5, this coffee pays homage to the Mooney fans and Ethiopian loving coffee fans beautifully.

Roast: City (Light)

Tasting Notes: Blueberry / Strawberry / White Flower / Lime

Light Roast

All our coffee scores above 85 on the coffee scale. This signifies exceptional quality and taste. Coffee scored above 80 is considered specialty grade, indicating superior attributes. Coffee scored 85 or higher is like reaching the coffee gold standard. Anything above 90 is the epitome of coffee itself. This translates to unique and outstanding flavor profiles, reflecting meticulous cultivation, processing and roasting techniques. These high scores assures the consumers of a remarkable and memorable coffee experience, which is then setting us apart from the ordinary.

Look around you'll see we are clearly different than other coffee brands.

Coffee Reimagined

Welcome to Legendary Aviation Coffee, where we take coffee more seriously than Ryan Gosling takes his hair. Picture this fellow coffee snobs: a cup of java so smooth and delightful that it'll make your taste buds sing like Celine Dion in the shower.

We believe in banishing bitterness from the coffee kingdom. No more enduring over-roasted, tongue-numbing disasters or harsh under-toned cups that make you question your life choices. We're here to rescue your coffee-loving soul from the depths of despair and provide you with a truly exceptional coffee experience.

Our roasting methodologies are Boujee Aye Eff. We handle those beans with the utmost care, giving them the VIP treatment they deserve. Each roast is meticulously crafted, just like a bespoke suit tailored for James Bond himself. We're not messing around; we want you to have a phenomenal cup every damn time.

So, my friend, it's time to raise your coffee standards to the heavens. Bid farewell to the days of bitter brews that leave a sour taste in your mouth and say hello to a world where coffee is a magical elixir that brings joy to your morning routine. It's a revolution, my caffeine-loving compadres!

At Legendary Aviation Coffee, we are on a mission to liberate you from the clutches of bitter coffee forever. Join us, and together, we'll conquer the bitter beast and indulge in the smooth, velvety paradise that only a superior cup of joe can provide. No more settling for subpar java—because life is too short for bitter coffee.