The Aviation Enthusiasts Coffee

Where aviation passion flirts shamelessly with the seduction of coffee roasting. A Premier, Air-Roasted, Small-Batch, Single-Origin, Specialty-Grade, Direct Trade, with a promise of Never Bitter, Always Better, Boujee Coffee – Join this caffeinated joyride and let's elevate your coffee experience to new altitudes, because life's too short for bitter dumpster fire brews!

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The Whole Fleet

Specialty Coffee of Excellence:
At Legendary Aviation Coffee Company, we take pride in sourcing only the highest quality coffee beans from around the world.  We only use coffee scored at 85+ on the coffee grade scale. Our dedication to excellence ensures that every sip is a testament to the art of air-roasted coffee craftsmanship.

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All our coffee scores above 85 on the coffee scale. This signifies exceptional quality and taste. Coffee scored above 80 is considered specialty grade, indicating superior attributes. Coffee scored 85 or higher is like reaching the coffee gold standard. Anything above 90 is the epitome of coffee itself. This translates to unique and outstanding flavor profiles, reflecting meticulous cultivation, processing and roasting techniques. These high scores assures the consumers of a remarkable and memorable coffee experience, which is then setting us apart from the ordinary.

Look around you'll see we are clearly different than other coffee brands.

Superbly Simply Syrups

Showcasing the finest simple syrups for those that want just a tad bit extra to their boujee lifestyle

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