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Ph Delight Simple Syrup

Ph Delight Simple Syrup

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    Unleash your taste buds on a wild adventure with pH Delight – the rebel of syrups. Picture this coffee snob! - A seductive dance of rich vanilla, a fiery kick of spicy cinnamon, and a honeyed embrace of earthy sweetness. This syrup is not just a drink enhancer; it's a swagger-filled experience that's been kicking it in coffee mugs since the rebellious '90s.

    What's inside? Oh, just the VIP lineup of cane sugar, water, honey, cassia chips, vanilla bean, vanilla extract, kosher salt, and a dash of lactic acid – the secret sauce for a flavor explosion. Stable enough without refrigeration, even with the lid off for 2 years.

    Now, let's talk coffee rebellion. Take 1oz of pH Delight, mix it up with 2oz of half-and-half, heavy cream, or your favorite milk – because why settle for ordinary? Froth it like you're creating coffee magic for a mere 15 seconds, pour it into 12oz of your prepared coffee, and boom! You've just concocted the most audaciously delicious coffee drink ever.

    Experience coffee the Ryan Reynolds way – bold, daring, and utterly delightful. Cheers to breaking the flavor rules!

    You can even use it for an old fashion or other adult beverages!  Don’t be limited to just coffee.  

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