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Legendary Aviation Coffee Company

SkyDrip Filters

SkyDrip Filters

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SkyDrip Filters: Elevate Your Coffee Experience

Attention all pilots, aircrew, and adventurers! Introducing SkyDrip Filters by Legendary Aviation Coffee Company – the ultimate portable coffee filters engineered for the perfect 12oz cup of coffee. Say goodbye to the days of dirty, gross, stomach-turning coffee. With SkyDrip, you can travel with ease, knowing the perfect cup is just waiting for hot water to be poured over.

Unlock the Perfect Brew Anywhere:

Release those wonderful, intoxicating smells of our specialty-grade coffee, air roasted to perfection, throughout the airplane cabin, your hotel room, pilot lounge, campground, or around the office. Stop settling for mediocre and step into the tantalizing world of Boujee Coffee.

Product Highlights:

Precision Engineered: We’ve partnered with top-tier manufacturers to create a filter that perfects the brewing method for a 12oz cup of coffee. Our filters guarantee the ideal extraction ratio, meeting the Specialty Coffee Association’s standards for the “Perfect Cup of Coffee.”

Easy Brewing Instructions:

1. Load up your favorite Legendary Aviation Coffee beans at 18.8g for the perfect 1:18 ratio.

2. Boil high-quality water to 205 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Cool the water for 20 seconds, then start your pour.

4. Watch as SkyDrip filters automatically regulate the flow, preventing over-pouring and ensuring a smooth, consistent brew.

Package Includes: 10 or 50 disposable filter bags.

Boujee Material: Made from non-woven fabrics and paper, bonded without any glues or chemicals. Safe, certified, and licensed for use.

Efficient Filtration: Our boujee filter paper effectively traps coffee grounds, delivering a clean and pure cup of coffee.

Special Design: The hanging ear hook design makes brewing a breeze. Suitable for various cup shapes and sizes, SkyDrip filters are versatile and convenient for any brewing method.

Perfect for Pilots and Adventurers: Whether you’re soaring through the skies or exploring new terrains, SkyDrip ensures you always have the perfect cup of coffee at your fingertips. No more settling for subpar brews – enjoy top-quality coffee wherever your journey takes you.

Easy to Use: Simply dispose of the filter bag after brewing. No mess, no fuss – just a perfect cup of coffee.

Take your coffee experience to new altitudes with SkyDrip Filters. Perfect for pilots, passengers, and anyone who craves a superior brew on the go. Get yours today and taste the difference precision engineering makes!