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Winter Spice Simple Syrup

Winter Spice Simple Syrup

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Prepare your taste buds for a Winter Spice experience that's basically a hug in a mug – because let's face it, life's too short for bland moments. Winter Spice is the rebel of coziness, blending smoked cloves, vanilla beans, and peppercorns to create a symphony that'll make you rethink your wintertime rituals.

Winter Spice Wake-Up Call

• 1oz Winter Spice
• 12oz hot brewed coffee
• 2oz frothy milk of your choice
• A sprinkle of nutmeg (because why not?)

Here’s the deal: Start your day right with 1oz of Winter Spice, letting those smoked cloves, vanilla beans, and peppercorns do their flavor dance. Pour 12oz of piping hot coffee into the mix, and watch the magic unfold.

Now, let’s talk frothy goodness – add 2oz of your favorite milk, froth it up like you’re creating latte art for the Louvre, and pour it over your Winter Spice-infused coffee canvas.

Finish it off with a sprinkle of nutmeg because, in the world of Winter Spice, we don’t just wake up; we wake up in style.

This is not just a coffee; it’s a sip of rebellion against the ordinary. Winter Spice: Making mornings awesome, one cup at a time. Sip, savor, and let the day unfold with a bit of winter swagger in your step. Cheers to starting the day like you mean it!

Now, let's talk cocktails – because who said winter beverages can't have a bit of attitude?

**Bourbon Chai Cocktail**
1oz Winter Spice
3oz Black Tea
3oz Milk of Choice
Top with cold foam (throw in a few shakes of pH House Bitters) and a dash of cinnamon.

**Winter Spice Metropolitan**
2oz Calvados Brandy
0.5oz pH Winter Spice
1oz Antica Vermouth
6 dashes pH House Bitters
Fresh Rosemary Branch

Prep the glass by rubbing the insides with a 4-inch rosemary branch. Mix it up, strain it into a fancy coupe glass, and garnish with more rosemary – because winter spice deserves a red carpet entrance.

And for the effortless cool of a winter chill, try the Winter Spice Syrup in hot water, cream, and a splash of Maker's Mark Bourbon. Garnish it with a floating star of anise because, well, we're not just making drinks; we're crafting Instagram-worthy moments.

So, whether you're snuggling down or stepping out, do it with a Winter Spice swagger that says, "Yeah, my drink game is stronger than winter itself." It's not just a sip; it's a statement. Winter Spice: Spicy. Cozy. Unapologetically awesome.