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Legendary Aviation Coffee Company

“Whistle of Brazil” Corsair Coffee - Development Stage

“Whistle of Brazil” Corsair Coffee - Development Stage

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Introducing our “Whistle of Brazil” Corsair Coffee from Legendary Aviation Coffee Company – where legends are created! Inspired by the fearless F4U Corsair, this coffee adventure takes your taste buds on an exhilarating journey with the finest beans from the Rio Brilhante farm in Brazil.

Farm Profile:

Farm: Rio Brilhante, Brazil

Owner: Inacio Urban

Size: 1600 hectares dedicated to coffee production

Other Crops: Cotton, soy, corn, tomato, beans

Social Programs: Seeds of Change initiative, Escolinha Tia Edna school, Ponto do Livro project


Varietals: Bourbon, Cataui Icatu, Topazio, Arara

Process: Natural (dry process)

Techniques: Soil and leaf analyses, pruning, disease-resistant varietals

Flavor Profile:

Notes: Rich, complex flavors developed through meticulous natural processing

Why You’ll Love It:

Expertly Crafted: Handpicked and rigorously selected single-origin beans

Legendary Roasting: Dedicated team perfecting the roast profile to match the legend of the Corsair

Sustainable Practices: Support local social and educational programs

Embark on a coffee journey like no other with “Whistle of Brazil” Corsair Coffee. Each cup is a testament to the dedication and expertise of our Legendary Roasting Team, ensuring an unparalleled experience with every sip.