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T.H.E. Tarrazu Mustang - Full Bodied

T.H.E. Tarrazu Mustang - Full Bodied

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  • Description

    Country: Costa Rica 
    Region: Tarrazu
    Process: Washed
    Variety:Caturra, Yellow Catuai, & Red Catuai
    Elevation: 1,500 - 1,600 meters
    Cupping Notes: Milk Chocolate, Apple, Walnut, Maple Syrup
    Roast Level: Full City (Full Medium)
    Score: 87

    Weight: 12oz

  • About

    Introducing the Tarrazu Mustang: a coffee that'll have you soaring through flavor skies like a fearless pilot in a P-51 Mustang. This legendary fighter aircraft of World War II was like a turbo-charged rocket, and we've found the coffee region that matches its might and power.

    Prepare to taste the equivalent of jet fuel for your taste buds, because the Tarrazu region in Costa Rica is where it's at. This coffee will rev your engines with its bright vibrancy and full-bodied goodness, accompanied by notes of luscious chocolate and nuttiness. It's like strapping on your coffee cup and taking off into flavor paradise. But hold on tight, because if the P-51 Mustang were a coffee drink, it would be a double shot of espresso infused with a touch of chocolate and a daring dash of courage. Sip it down and feel invincible, just like those legendary pilots who fearlessly dominated the skies.

    Choosing the coffee region that perfectly embodies the P-51 Mustang is a personal journey. But if you're after a coffee as mighty and bold as this iconic plane, Tarrazu coffee from Costa Rica is your ticket to caffeinated bliss. Just remember to sip it with your pinky finger extended, channeling your inner aviation connoisseur. Now, let's talk details.

    This Tarrazu Mustang is sourced from the mountainous region of Tarrazú in Costa Rica, crafted by 20 smallholder farmers from the charming community of La Esperanza. These coffee aficionados know their stuff and bring only the ripest cherries, ensuring a top-notch brew. Once handpicked, the cherries make their way to the Palmichal Micromill, renowned for producing exceptional microlots. Our partners at Ceca make sure the farmers are well-rewarded for their commitment to quality, paying premiums for their meticulous picking practices.

    The journey of this washed lot involves separating the floaters and depulping the cherries before giving them a mechanical wash. Meticulously removing every trace of mucilage, the parchment coffee is then carefully dried to perfection and left to rest for two months. After this well-deserved break, the lot is expertly hulled and goes through an extensive sorting process at Palmichal.

    The result? A coffee that showcases the dedication of the Esperanza Community to outstanding quality. Prepare your taste buds for a symphony of flavors, where milk chocolate harmonizes with notes of apple, walnut, and sweet maple syrup. So, whether you're an aviation enthusiast, a coffee connoisseur, or just someone looking for a coffee adventure that packs a punch, the Tarrazu Mustang is here to take you on a flavor-filled joyride.

    Buckle up and enjoy the ride of a lifetime, one sip at a time.Welcome to another one of our Boujee style coffees!

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