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Legendary Aviation Coffee Company

Jasmine Dream

Jasmine Dream

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Introducing Jasmine Dream, the epitome of elegance and flavor in jasmine teas, from Legendary Aviation Coffee. This exquisite tea is crafted from young green tea leaves and buds, hand-picked and processed in the traditional green tea fashion. Each leaf is meticulously hand-rolled into delicate pearls, embodying the skill and artistry of tea craftsmanship.

Originating from the lush gardens of Fujian, China, Jasmine Dream undergoes a unique infusion process. The jasmine flowers, harvested at dawn while the buds are still closed, are mixed with the tea leaves and left overnight to bloom and infuse. This delicate process is repeated for several nights, allowing the rich jasmine aroma to fully set into the tea, creating a luxurious and fragrant experience.

Ingredients: Jasmine Pearls

Why You’ll Love It:

Exquisite Aroma: Enjoy the captivating fragrance of jasmine flowers infused into high-quality green tea.

Hand-Rolled Perfection: Each pearl is meticulously hand-rolled, ensuring a superior tea experience.

Traditional Craftsmanship: Experience the traditional infusion process that imbues the tea with the enchanting aroma of jasmine.

Rich Heritage: Sourced from Fujian, China, known for producing some of the finest jasmine teas in the world.

How to Brew:

1. Boil Water: Heat fresh, filtered water to 175°F (80°C).

2. Measure Tea: Use 3 grams of Jasmine Dream per 12 ounces of water.

3. Steep Tea: Pour the hot water over the tea pearls.

4. Steep Time: Allow it to steep for 4-6 minutes.

5. Serve: Strain the tea leaves and pour the tea into your favorite cup.

6. Enjoy: Savor the exquisite and aromatic flavors of Jasmine Dream.

Discover the Elegance:

Experience the luxurious flavors and enchanting aroma of Jasmine Dream. Order now from Legendary Aviation Coffee and elevate your tea-drinking experience with this exquisite green tea blend.