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Legendary Aviation Coffee Company

The V-Tail Bonanza - BEST SELLER

The V-Tail Bonanza - BEST SELLER

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  • Description

    Country: El Salvador
    Region: Metapan
    Process: Washed
    Variety: Pacos / Bourbon
    Elevation: 1000-1300meters
    Cupping Notes: Tiramisu / White Grape / Orange
    Roast Level: City Plus (Light to Medium)
    Score: 87.5

    *Note: Tasting notes change by season*

  • About

    About: The Legendary Beechcraft Bonanza is for many pilots the ultimate piston aircraft. From its first appearance in 1947 as a smallish, all-metal four-seater with a distinctive, futuristic-looking V-tail, the airplane has been a leader in style, speed, handling qualities, and sales. Through the years, the Bonanza has grown in size, engine power, and model designations, always preserving its well-earned niche. Bigger than competing Mooneys, faster than competing Pipers, with great fit and finish and plush, tasteful interiors, it seems that the Bonanza's designers have simply gotten it right from day one.

    This relates with our El Salvador Las Lomas coffee that we offer.  It has been perfecting itself since 1957. Having held strict, quality-driven standards for growing and processing, this makes for a really impressive product with a Legendary reputation. Just like the Bonanza having many challenges with its' V-tail design, growing Bourbon and Pacas varieties of coffee is very challenging at this elevation in El Salvador, a country where leaf rust can be devastating.  But with great care, ingenuity, masters in their craft these products have become very impressive within their own right and loved by many.

    Las Lomas coffee grows under native shade trees, improving and conserving the soil, while also encouraging biodiversity on the farm. This is a coffee built for the daily aviator or enthusiast, with its surprisingly sweet notes of Caramel, Hazelnut, and Vanilla. No added creamers or fillers needed to enjoy this coffee more than once in a given day. 

    The right amount of balance has been perfected through our roasting process to bring a very enjoyable cup of coffee day in and day out.  We take pride in not taking our coffee to supersonic levels which can lead to very harsh notes that tend to need to be masked with flavor enhancers.  Our coffee is 'engineered' to be of the highest quality and standards so you can sit back, brew a cup to your methodology, and enjoy your day flying high in the clouds or tearing apart an engine.

    This is what Boujee Coffee is all about!!

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