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Legendary Aviation Coffee Company

Black Brew Bonnie - Argentinean Black Tea

Black Brew Bonnie - Argentinean Black Tea

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Introducing Black Brew Bonnie from Legendary Aviation Coffee Company in Rockwall, Texas.  This is our signature black tea pre-packed into convenient 3oz filter bags for quick and easy batch brewing of 3gallons at a time, or 1oz filter bags good for 1 gallon. Crafted with Boujee Argentinean Casa Fuentes Fannings, this tea delivers a bold, earthy, malty and refreshing flavor, perfect for any occasion.  Add in our liquid crack, aka Ph Delight, and you will find your new favorite go to drink.  They pair astonishingly well!

Origin: Argentina

Ingredients: Argentinean Casa Fuentes Fannings

Why You’ll Love It:

Quick and Convenient: Pre-packed 3oz or 1oz filter bags for hassle-free brewing.

Bold Flavor: Enjoy the robust, full bodied, earthy, and malty taste of premium Argentinean black tea.

Perfect for Iced Tea: Ideal for creating refreshing iced tea batches.

High Quality: Made with carefully selected Casa Fuentes Fannings.

Examples of How to Brew:

Hot Brew Method:

1. Boil Water: Heat fresh water to 195°F.

2. Steep Tea: Place one 3oz filter bag into 3 gallons of water or 1oz filter bag for 1 gallon.

3. Steep Time: Allow it to steep for 5 minutes.

4. Serve: Pour into cups and enjoy hot.

Cold Brew Method:

1. Prepare Water: Use 1 or 3 gallons of cold, filtered water.

2. Steep Tea: Place one 1oz or 3oz filter bag into the water.

3. Steep Time: Refrigerate and let it steep for at least 6 hours.

4. Serve: Pour over ice and enjoy a refreshing glass of Black Brew Bonnie.

Elevate your tea experience with Black Brew Bonnie, a bold and refreshing Argentinean black iced tea from Legendary Aviation Coffee Company. Perfect for any occasion, this tea is a testament to quality and convenience.